Welcome to Dandan's Website

My name is Dandan Huang. Now I'm in the United States, expecting to finish my Ph.D. study in Biomedical Engineering December 2011. I work in VCU in the area of Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) under the supervision of Dr. Ou Bai. My research mainly focuses on understanding brain patterns associated with human motor activities by means of applying signal processing techniques and machine learning algorithms. We aim at developing effective BCI systems which translate brain activities into machinary commands or actions which eventaully facillitate patients with motor disabilities to restore body functions and consequently improve their quality of life.

More Bio
I was born in November 1984 in Tianjin, beautiful and fifth largest city in China. I got my Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering, College of Precision Instrument and Opto-Electronics Engineering in 2007, from Tianjin University which was the first university in China's history, built in Qing dynasty. After that I came to America for my graduate study. I worked with Dr. Ding-Yu Fei on EEG pre-Amplifier design, image processing and signal analysis. I got Master's Degree in 2009 when I continued with Ph.D. study with emphasis on Neural Engineering and Rehabilitation System Design.

I had various experience such as internship in OTIS Elevator Co. Ltd. where I programmed with ERP system in 2007 and working in Survey Evaluation Lab in VCU, with a team of people in summer 2008, taking census from neighborhood to neighborhood and then performed the statistics. Among daily activities, swimming is my favorite one. It keeps me healthy and energetic, most of all, finding peace and experiencing balance in my body after a day of work!